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AMAC ‘Speed Rod’

A professional continuous pipe and duct rodding system. For use in small to medium sized chimneys, as well as ventilation ducts and chutes.

Chimney Camera Protective Sleeve

AMAC’s protective sleeve will shrink to fit around your chimney camera. Use to protect your camera in extreme soot and debris, and to protect abrasion to stainless steel or other more fragile chimney linings.

Short Rod/Elbow Joint

The long rod/elbow joint comes as standard with all our cameras in a 370mm length. We can supply one of 200mm length should you require less distance between the camera and the clamp. This will allow for tighter turns in chimneys, and ducts. Made from stainless steel, it is manually adjustable.

Clamp Ring

The clamp ring that comes as standard with the Colour Eye allows you to fit to ¾” dia rods.

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