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What we do

AMAC offers a complete design and manufacturing service covering all stages of the process, from the concept of an idea through to final production.

Our customer design service begins at each stage of your product development. Starting with the concept, to providing design support. Working closely with you, we provide high quality comprehensive services, including specification, design, testing, through to final manufacture and assembly.

Through AMAC´s history we have provided high profile companies with products. As well as our own range of products, we have designed and manufactured parts and complete products exclusively for clients who have branded them under their own names.

AMAC can provide one–off prototypes through to full production runs. Try us to see if we can compare favourable on your current suppliers with regard to costings.

We have extensive knowledge in:

  • Waterproof enclosures
  • High precision water cutting devices
  • 4 Wheel devices for sewers
  • Forward view cameras
  • Pan & Tilt Cameras
  • Self levelling cameras
  • Manual winching systems
  • Individual components

Manufacturing and Assembly

AMAC have experience in managing specialised sub-contractors including:-

  • Precision and general sheet metal work
  • Powder coating
  • CNC Milling and lathe turning

Manufacturing in stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel, brass and a variety of plastics

What We Do - AMAC Cutter