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AMAC Daisy Skids

Daisy Skids great for getting your AMAC chimney camera up smaller flues.

  • 4″, 6″ and 9″ Daisy Skids
  • Enabling the camera to be centered in the flue.
  • No need for a brush in a smaller flue, just use 1/2″ flexi rods and the Daisy skid to keep the camera off the side of the flue.
  • Attaches to your camera with grubb screws (supplied)
  • Helps to protect the camera head

‘Daisy skids are a useful addition to your standard set up, especially with bendy flues to help stop the camera catching on ledges. It also provides extra protection for the camera. On flex liners , I have simply used the skid fitted to the camera directly on the rod using the rod adaptor . It’s more lightweight and there is less resistance without a brush. Additionally, when there is a tight access such as through a 5″ 90⁰ tee, it is the only way to enter the camera.’

Emily Skeet – Cinnabar Stoves Chimney Sweeping