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AMAC ForBak – Chimney Camera

A colour chimney camera
Let’s you look forward & backward’s in a chimney


  • A two headed colour camera system, allowing you to switch between forward and backward views
  • Ability to take jpeg images from the video for written reports
  • It can be used in old flues with many bends, no damage to the camera
  • Can be used with a brush/rod retrieval tool, and can be lowered from the top of flues
  • Variable illumination, you control the amount of light according to the light levels in the chimney
  • Easily attaches to ¾” chimney rods using the rod clamp supplied
  • Replacement 3mm toughened glass window
  • ‘Live’ recording direct onto SD card via a digital video recorder built into the lid
  • Full playback via your computer
  • 25 metres of cable (with optional cable distance markers)
  • PAT tested and CE approved.
  • 2 years parts and labour warranty
  • UK designed and manufactured
  • With a 7 inch flat TFT screen, built into the unit, all you have to do is plug it in and turn it on. The cameras are fitted with super bright white LED’s. A colour picture ensures crisp, bright images are relayed straight to the TFT screen, giving you on-the spot instant viewing.

The ‘ForBak is mains powered and comes complete with a rod clamp to attach to 3/4” chimney rods.

ForBak In Action


‘I have used an AMAC camera to carry out inspection before liners are fitted; I have always found it robust and able to take a lot of punishment. After a while I started to realise that I needed a camera that looks up and down, so after talking to AMAC and a bit of brain storming they came up with the ForBack so far it’s proving to be exactly what I wanted.’

‘I have been on-site when the fitters have been there and it proved brilliant in showing them issues they could not see by forward inspection only’.
Dave Moore – DDM Chimney Sweep

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