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AMAC ‘Speed Rod’

A professional continuous pipe and duct rodding system. For use in small to medium sized chimneys, as well as ventilation ducts and chutes.

Cost-effective – Faster and more economic than screw together rods

  • ½” whitworth brushes can be fitted directly to the end thread
  • 30 metres of highest quality 6mm coated reinforced fibreglass rod
  • Rugged and robust, zinc plated steel frame
  • Reliable – Highest quality, fibreglass rod radially reinforced
  • No metal joints which could cause damage to expensive metal liners
  • Aluminium end fitted with ½” female whitworth end thread
  • Integral fully adjustable safety brake system fitted as standard
  • Dimensions – 700mm high x 680mm width x 240mm depth
  • Easily transportable 10 kilos
  • 1 Year’s Parts and labour warranty

Fully compatible with ANY AMAC chimney camera system, using the optional swivel attachment. This allows you to attach your AMAC chimney camera directly to the end of the rod.

* The brush is for illustration purposes only.