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AMAC Pole Camera

During natural daylight the Pole Camera image can be seen in colour, when light conditions are lower the built in infra-red LED’s automatically switch on, and the camera image is black and white. When it is in the black and white mode the camera is more sensitive to low light conditions, enabling greater distances to be viewed.

Attic Space.

‘Live’ survey pictures using the AMAC Pole Camera with the pole extended.

The AMAC Pole Camera is raised on its extendable pole from a ‘safe’ position. Carrying out inspections in roof spaces can be dangerous and this operation requires no ladders or platforms, the operator has their feet on a firm and stable surface in which to operate the camera. A major health and safety advantage.

The camera is raised into the attic space via an open loft hatch, where you can get a clear view of the gable end wall of the property, all the purlins, and common rafters. These appear to be in excellent condition, and appear clear on the image. There is no roofing felt so there is a clear picture of all the tile battens and the underside of the tiles. As the camera is rotated the loft insulation can be seen, the camera lights compensate for the extra light coming in through a window set high in the gable end. The camera is then brought down and the angle of the head is manually adjusted to allow the camera to look vertically giving a view of the ridge board, and even a close up view of the nails holding the tiles in place!