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AMAC Pole Camera

During natural daylight the Pole Camera image can be seen in colour, when light conditions are lower the built in infra-red LED’s automatically switch on, and the camera image is black and white. When it is in the black and white mode the camera is more sensitive to low light conditions, enabling greater distances to be viewed.

Cottage Roof.

‘Live’ survey pictures using the AMAC Pole Camera.

The AMAC Pole Camera is being used here as the floor is unstable and unable to take a persons weight, the only safe access is from the floor below. The roof is part slate, part wood and part corrugated metal, which is shown with a quick sweep of the camera. The camera is then lowered and the head manually adjusted to look at an alternative angle, giving a different view of the inside of the roof. Uneven stonework, gaps in between the floor and walls can be clearly seen.