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AMAC Pole Camera

During natural daylight the Pole Camera image can be seen in colour, when light conditions are lower the built in infra-red LED’s automatically switch on, and the camera image is black and white. When it is in the black and white mode the camera is more sensitive to low light conditions, enabling greater distances to be viewed.

Drain inspection

‘Live’ survey pictures taken using the AMAC Pole Camera.

The AMAC Pole Camera is lowered through an open grate into the drainage system. As the camera descends moss and grass can be clearly seen on the brick side walls of the opening. A small gap in the brickwork appears above the main drain entry, probably caused by a brick falling out.

The camera then looks up the clay lined pipe, which appears to be unblocked and clean with water running unobstructed along the bottom. Two further pipe joints can be clearly seen up the pipe, this pipe is in good condition. The Pole Camera is then rotated to the right of the hole to provide a clear view of another smaller inlet pipe, this appears to bend to the right in the distance, and again the pipe is clean and undamaged. The camera continues to rotate this time to show an exit culvert, this time being original slate lined, in fair condition with no debris or broken slate appearing in it.