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AMAC Pole Camera

During natural daylight the Pole Camera image can be seen in colour, when light conditions are lower the built in infra-red LED’s automatically switch on, and the camera image is black and white. When it is in the black and white mode the camera is more sensitive to low light conditions, enabling greater distances to be viewed.

Gutter Inspection

‘Live’ survey pictures taken using the AMAC Pole Camera.

The AMAC Pole Camera is extended using its adjustable pole, allowing you to view inside the gutter on a property.

From the start debris that has collected in the base of the gutter can be seen, (as the camera is in daylight the picture remains in colour). The fixings holding the gutter to the wall all appear to be in good condition. It is also possible to inspect the condition of the render and paint in between the the top of the gutter and the underside of the roof. Further along the gutter you will notice an accumulation of debris in the gutter. Water has been held in place by the debris shown by the marks in the base. At the end the downpipe is unblocked and in good condition.