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AMAC Pole Camera

During natural daylight the Pole Camera image can be seen in colour, when light conditions are lower the built in infra-red LED’s automatically switch on, and the camera image is black and white. When it is in the black and white mode the camera is more sensitive to low light conditions, enabling greater distances to be viewed.

Under Van.

‘Live’ survey pictures taken using the AMAC Pole Camera with the additional ball attachment.

The AMAC Pole Camera has had the ball attachment fitted to its base to allow it to be rolled under vehicles for close inspection (and to save damage to the camera housing).

By moving the handle of the Pole Camera the ball rolls along keeping the camera steady whilst viewing the vehicle chassis and floor. The camera easily picks out in detail the exhaust and spare wheel, and all the voids and spaces around. To do a full inspection the operator can walk around the complete vehicle giving full coverage of the underside.