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AMAC Chimney and Duct Cameras

AMAC’s chimney and duct cameras are portable inspection systems. Images can be viewed in black and white, or colour, depending on which system you choose. From the entry level Look See which is non-recordable to the full colour Twin Eye which has full SD card recording and playback facility. The videos are black and white extracts taken from full surveys carried out using our cameras.

Unlined Open Fire Chimney.

The camera has been turned around and fixed to the chimney rods upside down, so the survey can be carried out from inside the stack, all the way to the fireplace.

You can clearly see the chimney rods the camera is attached to, and the cable providing power. Using the camera this way is another option that can be used. The camera can be lowered from the top of the chimney on its own cable, if there is a blockage in the chimney that the rods cannot pass from the bottom.

The camera starts inside the actual chimney stack and drops down inside the chimney, particles of ash, can be seen clearly passing the camera, suggesting that this has not been swept. (A clearer picture would have been obtained if the chimney had been swept first). The camera is stopped at intervals to allow the ash to settle giving a much clearer view of the chimney, all the way to the open fire at the base.